Monday, January 23, 2006

AIDS and travel

I am cooking up this NGO project that handles information drive and support system for AIDS patients and I am just ecstatic to close the deal and go out of Luzon within this week. I will be with Junie and we will venture into this sea and land adventure of documenting our hombre searching...I mean the AIDS awareness activities, but I am also hoping that the reason why we will be there is because of the former. However, come to think of it, it could work both ways. Hombre and and hombre but of course, we will not go skin deeping with those men we will meet during work because he might just be one of the carriers.

Anyway, talking about men, men in Manila are pathetic and I hope men in the provinces of Samar and Bohol are different. Different in a sense that they are more eager to please? LOL. Hmm, will it be really different or it'll be the same men but only this time it'll be men with monkey tails? (Laugh...laugh).

A friend told me that men in the provinces are more likeable and more sensitive. Well, yeah, right! I just wish he is not an HIV carrier which is very likely since we will be interacting with them. Not sexually of course! My goodness! But we might go to a beach and strut our stuff so that we could meet men...big men to complete our trip...literally and figuratively.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am looking forward for our 'trip', so eventhough we haven't signed the contract yet and haven't secured the downpayment, my things to bring lists already fills one whole page of my scratch pad. And surprise, surprise (well okay, not so much of a surprise), sunblocks and two sets of swim suits are the things on the top of my list. Third is at least two bottles of off lotion followed by a sunglasses, a cap and a turban and so on. After rereading my list, I realized that almost all things I've listed is for the sake of vanity, vanity and more vanity. *SIGH*

Looking at my glorious skin, it is already tan so no need for me to heighten my shade and besides, I don't want all those money spent on whitening products go to waste.

Aside from the adventure and fun that I have in mind, still I need to face the fact that we will be there because of work. So, I need to face my fear with habal-habal (actually is it just a motorcycle overloaded with at least ten people who are praying hard not to fall), lots of ferry boat rides without in, that's why we need the sunblocks, and lots of jeepney rides as well. *Sigh* After imagining and researching these habal-habal thingy, I think I want to change my mind now...I wish but I won't. This is another adventure I will not miss. Just like the time I went to Porac Pampanga for an integration with the Aeta community, it is where I met Ka Rick and the rest of the tribe, but the most hilarious thing I did...okay the stupiest and ignorant thing I did was when I called one minority a monkey. I truly regretted it after and I am not proud of what I did, but hey! Who can blame me? That minority was asking me why the unat people are calling them monkeys...and the smart ass me immediately answered that maybe they like bananas. So you see, it is not my fault and besides, i did not called them monkeys...not directly anyway and it is not my intention. I am trying to be defensive stop laughing and sneering.

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