Monday, August 20, 2012

Plagiarism Brouhaha in PI

Image is not mine. Credits goes to the link provided   

Recently and even up to now, plagiarism became a byword that plagued and invaded the social media sites.  Entries on who plagiarized what are aplenty.  Fault finding and pointing fingers (middle and all others) flew in all directions.  Name calling became a game that everyone seemed to enjoy.  Filipinos, Pro-RH or otherwise, found their voice to express their disgust or their defense to what they think and wholeheartedly believe is right.  The plagiarism brouhaha even banged the doors of the unknowing Pope (Read: not the Pope who is slumbering peacefully in Vatican and who declared condom use is 'okay' to prevent the spread of HIV).  

The Titoying (a term borrowed from a commenter mitosv) of articles in PI (Read: Philippine Island you...#*@n) were from supposedly five different bloggers including Sarah Pope.  Pope's article published in her blogsite, The Healthy Economist became the centerpiece of the titoying brouhaha.  But instead of facing the issue in a manly manner, titoying errr...the man(?) in question quipped with full arrogance on why should he should cite a blogger.  Worst is, not only did he belittle Pope and other bloggers in the process but binudburan pa ng asin at pinatakan pa ng kalamansi. Oh...I am a blogger... hmmm...thinking.   

As the debacle on titoying escalates, Antis are also trying to dig dirt and fault against the champions of the Pros. But isn't it that the Christian way is, kapag binato ka ay batuhin mo ng tinapay?  If the Antis think that they are better than the Pros since they are blessed by the Divines (THINK of the sea of walis tambo and walis tingting during some prayer rallies), then why not leave it be and just...well...pray.  

If the RH Bill is such an 'evil' bill (really?), then prayers would suffice to demonize the Pros, right? But if majority of Filipinos who use their brains are Pros, then Antis will have lots of demonizing to do.