Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bold and Exciting Jordan Retro 9 Shoes

The number of Michael Jordan’s fans kept on increasing every year especially when Nike’s Air Jordan line came up with another innovation that men and women, young and old will crave for. And when Jordan Retro 9 shoes came out of the market, the anticipation and excitement were met with satisfied grin and sigh, and lots of encouraging words like, “They (Retro shoes) are classic and turn heads,” or the comment from  a satisfied wife, “Gift for my husband, he loved them!!!”

However, before reaching the popularity and status like what Air Jordan shoe lines are enjoying, shoe designers from Nike spent countless hours to come up with innovative shoe ideas that not only please the eyes but it also yield comfort like no other.  Needless to say, the satisfaction one gets from Jordan Retro 9 shoes is a product of research, research and more research to provide customer satisfaction that is only fitting to carry the legacy of his airness.  

Another Air Jordan Innovation

The Retro series basketball shoes are made from materials produced by the latest technology.  Hence, the Retro 9 boosts with features like encapsulated air-sole, mid-sole made of polyurethane, a lace with one-pull feature, and a whole lot more.  There are also wide array of colors and color combination to choose from like the classic black, of course, and black combined with white, red, brown and fur (yes you read it right, a fur).  There is also the classic white, and white combined with other colors like gray, blue, and red.  If you fancy fur, then there is also a fur Jordan Retro 9 shoes in silver gray, while the three-color combination of black, white and gold; and blue, white and black are also interesting. Prices for Retro 9 choices range from $75 USD to $85 USD depending on where you buy it. 

Aside from Air Jordan shoes or simply Jordans for men, there are also other Air Jordan choices for you to choose from.  MJ’s shoe line from Nike came out in ’85, and since then, the giant shoe company has managed to introduce innovative Jordans’ sneakers each year.  More so, the sneakers are no longer for basketball players alone shoe lines for men and kids were also launched, thus further expanding MJ’s reach and market. 

Apart from this, the yearly addition of Air Jordan’s shoe collections cater to those who prefer the classic black or white or those who also fancy a more adventurous color combination. This is the reason why the shoe line became a favorite for sneakers-lovers especially that it also carry the excellence attached to MJ’s name but also his legacy in the field of basketball.  Lastly, if not for MJ’s Air Jordan, athletic shoes will most probably still confine to one lone color white.  MJ’s boldness from wearing black and red sneakers during his rookie year in ’84 was met with criticisms and reprimand from the NBA authorities booted with a heaping $5,000 USD fine every time he wears it.  Yet, without his boldness, Air Jordans will not be as exciting as it is today.              

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Jordan Retro 8 Shoes, Another Air Jordan Innovation

Jordan Retro 8 Shoes is part of the Air Jordan shoe lines that follows the glittering career of Michael Jordan or fondly called MJ in the basketball arena.  This new addition to the successful shoe line offer an array of color choices and combinations that will surely fit one’s personal taste and style.  You can choose from variations of classic white and silver, black and chrome, black and red, and black and green.  There are also three exciting color combinations like black, white and red; white, blue and orange with a touch of grey; white and aqua with a touch of grey and yellow; white, orange and silver; navy blue and orange with a tad of green; and black and aqua with a tad of royal blue. The price for a pair of this must-have sneakers range from $80 to a little over $85 USD depending on where you buy it. 

Aside from Jordan Retro 8 Shoes for men, there are also choices for women.  And the only difference, of course, is the color choices like a three color combination of white, royal blue and red; white, pink and black; white, orange and black; black and blue; black and purple; and lastly, the classic black and pink.  Price for the women’s line is just a little lesser than those of the men. However, before the Retro series came out, Air Jordan sneakers go way back to year ’85.  The shoe line followed the flourishing and exciting career of MJ that every success in his career is coupled with a new Air Jordan design every year.  And to give you a glimpse, read on.   
Air Jordan Shoe Line Follows the Glittering Career of MJ

The first year MJ stepped foot in the basketball field in ’84, he never failed to awe Chicago Bulls basketball fans by garnering awards year after year.  His prowess and stamina, and simply brilliant basketball moves earned him a Rookie of the Year in ’85 and it also marked the start of his flourishing shoe line under Nike.  By then, white athletic shoes are the trend but MJ’s Air Jordan made athletic shoes interesting.  His black and red Air Jordan sneakers gained attention that it even challenged NBA’s regulation on the color of sneakers.  However, MJ couldn’t just let his black and red Air Jordan sit in the sidelines.  Needless to say, he embraced the challenge and even accepted the fine of $5,000 US Dollars every time he wears his Air Jordan to the basketball court.  Of course, Nike paid the tab. 

Since then, a new Air Jordan sneaker tickles the fancy of both basketball fanatics and sneaker-loving citizens.  New Air Jordan designs, colorful of course, grace Nike stores every year as a result of Nike designers’ endless researches and innovations. In every Air Jordan, comfort is given utmost attention but most importantly, its design that could further enhance basketball performance.  Basketball players, professionals or otherwise, are treated to a comfortable twist and turns in the basketball court that further made Jordan Retro 8 Shoes and other Air Jordan sneakers a must-have.  So, what’s in this Retro line?  The legacy of MJ’s excellence of course.   

(This article was commissioned by Sandeep Sharma I met in oDesk and he used this article but never paid me.  Sharma was a scam!  BEWARE!!! I am posting this so Copyscape or the owner of the site where this article came out/published will know.)