Monday, September 05, 2005

lost in space and everything else

This has been going on for the last couple of weeks. I felt like a zombie, hollow inside and been trying to drown myself with all the noise around me. I party hard just to forget this thing and it sucks! My system craves for wine and beer hoping it will dilute whatever trace of boredom and depression I had in me but to no avail. I felt like a miniscule particle floating in this god forsaken space with no direction and been bumping around on many obstacles that scar my already jaded mind. Ha! If it's a fact of life that end with a K then it really sucks!


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  2. hi heizel! cheer up, girl. ganyan talaga ang buhay, parang gulong. minsan nasusunog. :P

  3. Hello Heizel! Razel here. I'll be moving to Makati (RCBC) for my new job (starting next week.) I hope to see you often--we'll drink that wine soon. =)