Tuesday, August 30, 2005

sad ba ako?

Hindi ko malaman kong ano ang tamang tawag sa nararamdaman ko ngayon. One moment, I'll be in a state of bliss. Ang saya-saya ko tapos eto, I'll feel so low. Hindi ko rin alam ang sagot kaya waf n'yo na lang akong tanungin. Maybe alam ko ang sagot pero hindi ko naman din sasabihin noh! Kung mga nakakaalam, o sa tingin nila ay alam nila, well I know, your silence is golden kaya salamat po. Hay!, Masyado ng madrama ang life ko at wala akong ibang masisisi kundi ako, ako at ako pa rin.

no permanent address

I'd been running around from one place to another for the last two years...yeah. Hmmm...you see I lived with my officemates-friends for a year, crashed in a friend's place for three months, moved in to a new flat for six months and now, I'll be crashing again to the same friend's place comes Thursday. It's not fun anymore. I need to have a place of my own and hopefully, it will materialize this coming October in time for my BDay. I want to do a lot of things and at the same time for that and the first in my list is to have my own place. You see, me and a friend from school were planning to look for a place in Makati accessible for both of us since we both work in the same area. And I'm really hoping it'll work out since I'm tired of transferring from one pad to another.

When I do have my own flat, I want to buy those big and colorful bean bags. Yeah, I fancy those things and a nice little center table that I'll fill with scented candles and all. Romantic huh? Yeap, I'm kindda. Also, I'll bring my TV, buy a nice dvd and sound system, install some nice lights to fill in the mood to go crazy and maybe...relax and buy a nice shelf to place my books. Hmmm...nice plan and it must work out.

Monday, August 29, 2005



full eight hours of boredom and more to go!!!

Hah! what a blast! Imagine me constrained in one place for the full eight hours and all I did was surf the net and send my friends instant messages. Nice job eh? yeah! I don't know if I'm still up to this. Contact Center job is a okay for a short while as in two months...maybe three but it was soooo boring you would thought you were counting years. Eh? Nope, I'm not complaining...nah...I AM NOT! I am just so darn lucky I have this boring job. I am getting paid by doing nothing...see? How lucky you could get...ah! damn it Hzl. STOP whinning and just be grateful about it!


Okay. Okay. Now all I have to do is think of a nice little thing that...imagine of something that could make me want to...something that will motivate me to continue this little charade...hmmmmmmm...damn! Nothing!

mga planets

mga planets! Finally, out of sheer boredom in the corporate world (I'm not doing any work since I came in this afternoon...happy days for me but it's soooooo boring), I finally created my own blog. Now, you have the chance to know my thoughts...my desires...my escapades...and I assure you, you will have lots of fun reading the activities of my "simple" daily life. Har! Har! Har!

To start with, I will be goin to Bed this thursday night after work and hopefully meet someone interesting there...you know. Make new friends (Har! Har! Har!). How life could get so boring at times and it will prompt you to think about crazy stuffs. Lots of crazy stuff. Hay! I'm not like this before...moi? A simple, homebody, bookworm, couch potato who even don't know what gimmick is...okay! Okay! I admit that I'm an official gimikera and a .... for that. What could I do? Would it be nice to just stay at home...with someone...you and him on the couch and...watching tv and...eating...potato chips and bananas. Hay! Wouldn't it be nice?