Monday, August 29, 2005

mga planets

mga planets! Finally, out of sheer boredom in the corporate world (I'm not doing any work since I came in this afternoon...happy days for me but it's soooooo boring), I finally created my own blog. Now, you have the chance to know my escapades...and I assure you, you will have lots of fun reading the activities of my "simple" daily life. Har! Har! Har!

To start with, I will be goin to Bed this thursday night after work and hopefully meet someone interesting know. Make new friends (Har! Har! Har!). How life could get so boring at times and it will prompt you to think about crazy stuffs. Lots of crazy stuff. Hay! I'm not like this A simple, homebody, bookworm, couch potato who even don't know what gimmick is...okay! Okay! I admit that I'm an official gimikera and a .... for that. What could I do? Would it be nice to just stay at home...with and him on the couch and...watching tv and...eating...potato chips and bananas. Hay! Wouldn't it be nice?

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