Monday, August 29, 2005

full eight hours of boredom and more to go!!!

Hah! what a blast! Imagine me constrained in one place for the full eight hours and all I did was surf the net and send my friends instant messages. Nice job eh? yeah! I don't know if I'm still up to this. Contact Center job is a okay for a short while as in two months...maybe three but it was soooo boring you would thought you were counting years. Eh? Nope, I'm not complaining...nah...I AM NOT! I am just so darn lucky I have this boring job. I am getting paid by doing nothing...see? How lucky you could get...ah! damn it Hzl. STOP whinning and just be grateful about it!


Okay. Okay. Now all I have to do is think of a nice little thing that...imagine of something that could make me want to...something that will motivate me to continue this little charade...hmmmmmmm...damn! Nothing!

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