Tuesday, August 30, 2005

no permanent address

I'd been running around from one place to another for the last two years...yeah. Hmmm...you see I lived with my officemates-friends for a year, crashed in a friend's place for three months, moved in to a new flat for six months and now, I'll be crashing again to the same friend's place comes Thursday. It's not fun anymore. I need to have a place of my own and hopefully, it will materialize this coming October in time for my BDay. I want to do a lot of things and at the same time for that and the first in my list is to have my own place. You see, me and a friend from school were planning to look for a place in Makati accessible for both of us since we both work in the same area. And I'm really hoping it'll work out since I'm tired of transferring from one pad to another.

When I do have my own flat, I want to buy those big and colorful bean bags. Yeah, I fancy those things and a nice little center table that I'll fill with scented candles and all. Romantic huh? Yeap, I'm kindda. Also, I'll bring my TV, buy a nice dvd and sound system, install some nice lights to fill in the mood to go crazy and maybe...relax and buy a nice shelf to place my books. Hmmm...nice plan and it must work out.

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