Sunday, November 27, 2005

mystifying love

I can't remember the last time I fell in love. I am not even sure if it was love or just frustration. I am having a hard time defining love or its difference from true-if there is one, but what I know is that I want to find one, and I think like everybody else, I deserve it. It sound pathetic if you will really think about it, but hey, who is not. It is just that some people doesn't want to admit that they are pathetic, so they are giving it a different term. Some might react that, how silly I am to write about this age old mystery of love, true love and frustration. But is it really a mystery or just a thing that we don't , can't understand. I once read that before you could give love to someone, you must love yourself first, still, it brings me back to the question of what is love? If I will assume that I know the meaning of the word love, then is it the correct meaning? If I will believe its meaning, will it make the meaning true?

A friend ask me once if "Pagpapakamartir ba pag ginawa ka ng tanga ng taong mahal mo, o pagmamahal pag nagpakatanga ka at nagpakamartir?" Even I could not answer it since I need to define those terms first. But one thing I know at the moment, ayokong magpakatanga dahil sa pagmamahhal at lalo na ang magpakamartir, but if that entails finding your 'true' love, then I might.


  1. I am not even sure if it was love or just frustration.

    Now, there's a line you don't see everyday. :) Marabs, you should get a tagboard! :D

  2. yeah, I want to believe that it is love or I am convincing myself that it's love, or maybe I am just in love with love. But still, I want to love...he! he!