Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ready. Set. Go!

It's been a long while since I last released...shared my angst in this unfathomable blog. Obviously, lots of things happened to your dear moi...lots of tears and heartaches which I am still battling to overcome. Those many nights of countless gimmicks and bottles of beers which I refused to count, I am still here, waiting for someone who could make me come...to my senses. Eventhough how many times I refused to admit that all my loneliness all boils down to my longiness to be loved? I know, it's pathetic and before I saw it as something that a weak person would want, but now, I am one of them and it is sad. Why do we need someone to complete us? Is it a sign of weakness? Of insecurity? Could we not complete ourselves by being ourselves? Being alone? It's a cliche to say that being alone doesn't mean being lonely...yeah! I still want to believe it...I am convincing myself that I still believe it but this unfathomable feeling of hollowness is persistent and I want it to stop. But I don't know how.


  1. ako love kita. hehe.

  2. yeah, I know and I love you too. Dapat masaya tayong lahat!