Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Challenges of the Challenged

It's been many years that I'd been using the word challenge which actually pertains to a problem which describes the dilemma I was and am facing. I was trying to psych myself that everything will be alright and that a problem is not really a problem but just a spice of life which makes mine more fun and interesting. I am overly optimistic...Which makes me miserable most of the time, but I am too proud to admit that I am because first and foremost, I must admit to myself that I am actually facing a problem. But no! It is a challenge. So, that makes me a very challenged person.

Today, I challenged myself once again and emerged in another money making scheme of writing a script for a radio drama. The challenge is, I don't know how...But as expected, I will not admit it, so the brazen moi borrowed and photocopied a whole textbook on how to write a radio script just before the end of the school term last year. It pushed me to study the whole damn book over the holidays and now, after getting my story concept approved, I need to finish the 48 pages radio script until Monday next week. How am I going to do that? Fret? Go crazy, which I can't anymore...Because I admit I'm still am and if I add another crazy antic, I'll end up in the loony bin. How about sleep it off? Go on a date? Look for a fucking buddy? Rehash a boyfriend? Well, the last option is very tempting since two former beaus are sending exciting messages that promises great carnal experience to the good old moi...But I can't. I had been restricting myself to commit another pleasurable adventure since I am trying very hard...As in hard to be good. HA! I am already good...In a lot of ways but this time, chaste good? So the last option is not really feasible. Maybe the option prior to the last? Will it be acceptable...Again... For the good moi?

With the many options I got, I am again faced with a new challenge of deciding on which is which and who amongst the dark exciting options will I pursue? See? Because of the radio script challenge, I created myself with a new challenge and it will go on and on and on until I finished the radio which eventually I will because the radio manager is expecting it for production already. That's it. I'm going to pull my hair now and scream.

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