Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wish and you'll get it!

I'm exhausted! Just like yesterday, I was exhausted as well...and just like the other day and a day before that. It seems that I am always exhausted. And I almost dreading the fact that I am always rushing...cramming for writing deadlines. I also hear myself complaining about the writing load that I have. But who am I to complain? This is what I wished and worked for. Sometimes I need to remind myself that it was not so long ago that I resigned from my call center job as a product trainer, that I wished for a writing job. I even thought of securing an employment at one of the national publication but after engaging in a good conversation with a writer friend and classmate, I changed my mind and tried the field of freelance writing.

I gave myself just two months to gather enough clients and writing assignment and it didn't took me two months to accomplish it. After three weeks or less maybe, through the help of an old buddy Owen, I was already writing for Manila Bulletin. Also, I had been able to contact the technical adviser of our college publication before and my convincing power was not even p ut to test since after I told him about what I need, I immediate got a positive answer.

So, I was alright with the flow of contacts so far, until I've met this American client who needs a PR agent. So, I asked him if I could apply...eventhough I have a vague idea on what a PR agent do. After a day, I received a confirmation email from the client and I was surprised that he accepted my application. Immediately after the good news, I rushed to DLSU's library and borrowed several books on PR, advertising and other related books about the work.

After two days, aimed with the textbook knowledge, I submitted my first proposal and it was approved. The client was satisfied with my work that he actually referred me to a new client. After a month, that same client gave me another work and this time for a project documentation of an NGO. The work at NGO will require me to travel to the remote areas of Eastern Samar and Bohol. I thought that I may not be able to deliver on time especially that the work will be tasking and also, I still have other commitments with other publications and one of them is the National Office of Mass Media- I need to submit the 48 pages radio script which until now, I'm still working, writing and polishing it. So, I asked Junie if we could be partners on this NGO work and good thing, he was up to the challenge. And now, I need to finish my 48 pages backlog, an article for Manila Bulletin, a press release for the American client, lots of coordination and lastly, I need to edit the 15 pages project report of the NGO which I volunteered to finish until Monday. I forgot to mention that the editing part is pro bono.

So, who am I to complain? After all this bruhaha of going crazy about work load and feeling exhausted, all I need to do is think of the rewards I will get after the crazy work.


Early this morning, I tried to finish at least one set of radio script to lessen the 48 pages backlog. So, I have no choice but to sleep at around two in the moring and wake up at six since I got class by eight. After my two classes which ended at 1:30, together with Candy, Mich and Jenny, we went to CCP for the theater play. After the play, we went to a bar just across CCP and drunk two bottles of beer and stuffed ourselves with food. We stayed there until ten and when we are about to leave, this drummer guy of the band playing at the bar approached me and asked for my name. Too bad he is too young and I don't to be tagged as a c raddle snatcher so I gave him my sweet smile and took my leave. In short, today is a good day...but tiring.

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