Thursday, January 12, 2006

Completeness and satisfaction

Yesterday or better to say early this morning at 2, I was with some of my very close and trusted friends Owen, Janice and Dee. As usual our conversation varied from anything we could think of and somehow, it was diverted to the question on the sense of being complete and satisfied. The smart ass in us, a very natural thing after knowing them for more than ten years, immediately commented that we complete ourselves. I complete me. LOL. But after drinking at least four glasses of water, we took the question seriously and plunged into a not so heated conversation about completeness and satisfaction.

The yardstick of completeness and satisfaction really varies on a person and one determination of that yardstick is first to define it. However, its definition will still vary on who made the definition and who made the interpretation. So how would you know if you are already complete or satisfied? It looks like a stupid question, but really...How would you know?

Owen cited that it the sense of being complete and satisfied is not measured by material things. I agree. However, you could be satisfied by acquiring materials things but the satisfaction will wane after some time and you will look for new things to satisfy you. Therefore, it is going to a be a cycle.

On the 'romantic' mode (I often call it the dillussioned mode), a woman feels complete if she'll find a man to marry and have kids. If your thinking falls under this, then you are so out dated gradma. Could you not complete you? Is having someone the only escape to this habitual nuerosis of desperation and depression? Could I not say I complete myself? It sounds less complicated and fulfilling.


I feel sad...But who is not? Everybody feel sad. They just don't admit it. You feel happy now? C'mon! Stop pretending! You are sad. You must be sad enough to waste your time with your asshole boyfriend eventhough you cringed at his touch or keeping mum about your girlfriend's constant nagging. See? You are sad. Welcome to my world!

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