Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome to my world...where English is sometimes spoken

Despite the sheer pressure of targeting so much in a short span of time...I still find time to read a chiclit novel as my carnal release since I can't (by choice...a hard choice) do any foolish things anymore. I know...I know that you will laugh Ogie since you knew me for quite some time already...say seven or eight years? Anyway, aside from reading a book, I recruited Owen as a member of my solitary Baclaran club where I religiously hear mass every Wednesday for a couple of months already. I know...I know Nono, you will laugh...just like Ogie who wouldn't, and couldn't in his life fact he absolutely refuse to believe that I am a good girl na. Back to the novel with a title the same as of this entry...I sometimes wonder why we can't understand each other eventhough we speak the same language. Are we really sometimes stupid (which we will not admit of course) or we are just acting stupid? I know...I are not stupid but how come we act stupid on certain occasions? Is it the adventurer in us? The thrill seeker? Or eventhough we are most ways, our weakness is still our emotion which prompted us to act weird and do foolish things? Hmm...I am not making any sense.

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