Thursday, February 23, 2006

the nerves et. al

Part one of the three weeks, leisure and pain of Eastern Samar and Bohol

Got back from my trip last week and I am glad it is in very glad. Although I enjoyed some of details of the trip, the wonderful beaches and people we've met, the travel communting from one barangay to the other and the erratic weather was not so pleasant. Some barangays where as far as 37 kilometers from the town proper and the only mode of transportation of going there is by a habal-habal or by a trisikel.

Last January 29, we arrived at Tacloban City in Leyte and immediately went to work and interviewed Dr. Ayuson in the provincial hospital. After a couple of hours, we stayed and waited at van terminal going to Llorente Eastern Samar for our first stop. After a back breaking and tiring four hours trip, we arrived at the sleepy town of San Jose Llorente where at seven in the evening, you could not see any human being roaming anywhere. Only the nocturnal songs of the crickets and the constant eerie night noise which I could not really decipher on what it is, filled our ears. Our host for a few days stay at Llorente welcomed us with so much pasensya word in her every sentence. The humble bearing of our host made me cringed for I realized how arrogant I could get and evidently, i was irritated with her for the realization which i do not want.

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