Friday, March 31, 2006

Could he be the One?

Last week, there is this guy who's been texting Junie and eventually, my good friend played cupid and set me up for a 'date' with this mysterious guy. I told Junie that maybe, he is not really into me and he is just making an excuse to see me because I am going to be with pretty boy Junie. *LOL* Still, out of curiosity, we (as in...because I won't be going if he will not accompany me...and besides, I don't want it to look like a date so if Junie is with me, then it will look like a get together or something) set up a plan to meet him. Unfortunately, something came up. The meeting was cancelled.

Too bad I'm all dressed up and even saved a chocolate flavored something in my pocket just in case.

I told him--Junie that the mysterious guys is not a kawalan. However, after a couple of minutes of deliberation and impulsiveness...I started acting crazy and wanted to meet in now na! Could it be that he is the one? Then hindi ko nabigyan ng chance? Hay!

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