Friday, March 17, 2006

The Feisty Cat in the Hat

This feisty cat has been in the hat for quite some time. She's been crawling and scratching her way out of the unwanted hat hoping to see what's in store for her outside. One day, she accidentally tipped the balance and out she went. Outside, she met this other cat who is enjoying his laid back life.

This laid back cat seems fiery enough to meet the gaze of the feisty one and they decided to make a pact. They laughed, they scratched, they visited the nook and crevices of the hard worn life. They shared incredulous stories and giggled at the silliest cracks.

One day, the feisty cat proposed that they catch a nice big mouse and share it equally. They laughed, they cracked stories and even shared dreams of making it hitting the big catch. So, they planned and feasted for the big plan until they were sober enough to crawl their way back to the dingy Metro.

A day before the big hunt, the laid back cat suddenly caught the feisty one by surprise. The laid back cat told the feisty cat that he was backing out in catching the big mouse.

"I am afraid of the mouse," said the laid back cat.

The feisty cat was taken aback. "How come? You're a cat and you shouldn't be afraid of some mouse," she said. But the laid back cat cried and cried.

"I am afraid of the mouse. It's icky and yucky and it's coat is black. I don't want my white fur to be spoiled by some mouse," he purred.

The feisty cat said, "How come? You're a cat...and besides, you already agreed and we've been planning this for a long time."

"I'm really afraid of the mouse. I don't want to take risk and explore the nook and crevices of the dingy streets." he wailed.

"How come? We already feasted and planned for the big catch," she said. But the laid back cat purred and cried and the feisty one turned to her side and said Fuck! Still, the feisty cat could not do anything but sigh.

"Okay, I will ask my other feisty feline friend to accompany me to the big hunt."

It was a good thing, the other feisty female feline agreed and they purred and scratched their way to the big catch. They ventured and even sacrificed a tail and an eye for the dangerous hunt in the nook and crevices of the unchartered jungle. Until an unfortunate event happened to the male feline partner of the other feisty cat. This left the feisty cat alone and with all her wits and courage, scratched and purred her way to trap the big mouse.

A day before she went back, the feisty cat was even fiercer when she heard nothing from the laid back cat. The laid back cat promised her of some small catch upon her return, however, she heard nothing from the laid back cat.

Two days went by, when the feisty cat still recieved no news from the laid back feline. She meowed and screetched and even howled and after three days, her meowing was answered. The laid back cat fresh from his laid back life went to party with her and the rest of the pack.

The feisty one was waiting for a word from the laid back one but she got none.

After a couple of days or so, they planned and acted like nothing happened. They still purred and meowed and drunk for the big catch. However, the feosty cat was left in cleaning the catch while the laid back one waited to be served.

"Can you help me clean this catch?" asked the feisty cat.

"I can't...I don't have wheels to see the catch," he said.

"Okay, but I really need your help. I will send you wheels if you want," she said.

"Okay," he purred and this made the feisty cat happy.

However, after an hour or so, the laid back cat arrived and said, "I can't stay that long, I have to buy some mice for the other cat," he said.

The feisty cat was caught in a big disappointment but she could not say no. She asked the laid back cat on how he could help her if he was leaving so soon. He said, "I will bring some of the catch and send it via courier if you wish."

He purred and meowed until the feisty one agreed.

After two days, they delivered the big catch to the gods for offering hoping to get a bigger catch. However, their prayers were not granted and they went home purring and moewing.

"They need to give us the bigger catch. It's unfair," said the laid back cat.

"We need to wait. The gods will grants us some luck," she replied.

He purred and meowed and demanded for luck. The feisty one purred and meowed and told him to stop.

to be continued

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