Friday, April 21, 2006

From South to North Adventure

Last Holy Week, I was into one of my spontaneous and impulsive usual. Junie, a friend and classmate from DLSU texted me that he wanted to go away and leave the busy and crazy metro for a while...which is not a bad thing. I had my share of hair pulling, jaw crunching and muted scream because of pressure and I deserve a break. So without second thoughts, I said yes. I texted Grace, another classmate who have a family resort in Batangas and it was a good thing, she was as ecstatic to have us there. So we went.

At three in the morning, me and Junie were off to San Juan Batangas. We arrived at Lipa around five thirty, smoked a couple of sticks and bought one steaming coffee at a local convenience store. At six, Grace joined us for more than an hour of gruelling jeepney and traysikel ride. Alas, at seven thirty, we were at the resort.

It only took a good eight hours of stay at Batangas when Junie recieved a message from his condo's security guard. He was told that his unit was nanakawan and that he need to go back to Manila for some paperworks. So off he went and after almost two hours, he was fuming mad because the security called the wrong unit owner. Junie's stuffs were on their proper place.

He stayed at his unit alone and while I stayed in Batangas for a night. The circumstance was funny and irritating. As what Grace said, maybe the constellations were conspiring and that maybe there was a reason on why he needed to go back. I think it was not so. It was just sheer bad timing.

After an overnight stay, one long neck of a local brandy, good food and almost twenty minutes of swim in the itchy water of San Juan, I went back to Manila with a new want, that is, to go to Baguio.

We arrived in Manila at eight, took some rest for two hours and at midnight, we were off to a new destination. At six in the morning, we arrived at the pine city and immediately found a transient room where we stayed for two nights and three days.

At midnight we were off to the pine city.

to be continued...

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